DioLite Laser

With the DioLite Laser, broken capillaries of the face and chest, pigmented lesions (age spots) and skin tags can be removed quickly and effectively. Pigmented lesions will scab but will resolve with new unblemished skin within a week or two. Skin tags can be removed quickly and effectively from any area of the body. These are simple procedures typically performed in short treatments of 15 to 20 minutes with consistent and excellent outcomes.

Our DioLite Laser has both a single point hand piece enabling us to impact a single vessel or age spot completely, as well as a scanner, which will impact a larger area and facilitates graduated treatment therapy when needed. The advantage of a single point device is that treatment can be restricted to a specific lesion.

This significantly reduces the time required and costs compared to other non-specific treatments such as the Photofacial or IPL.

Eliminate the need for cover-up cosmetics with a single laser treatment. Enjoy a clear complexion free of broken capillaries, age spots or skin tags.

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