Laser Hair Removal

Since time immemorial women and men of all ages have been annoyed and embarrassed by unwanted hair. Other methods of removing hair are temporary, painful, and irritating to the skin. Waxing causes ingrown hairs and hair growth returns within 2 to 4 weeks. Electrolysis is painful and time consuming and impacts one single hair at a time; only small areas can be treated in one session. Depilatories are temporary, messy and must be repeated frequently.

The most effective method for reduction and removal of unwanted hair is Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is an FDA-approved technique designed to remove hair and impair re-growth. Reputable medical clinics do not guarantee exact results for an individual; however the skill, caring professionalism, laser quality, and clinical science employed by the staff at Simple Radiance insures that you will receive the maximum benefit from this procedure.

Laser Hair Removal achieves permanent hair reduction. A single flash of light impacts the hairs in an area that is the size of a quarter. Significant permanent hair reduction occurs with each treatment and most treatment plans are completed in 3 to 8 sessions, depending upon the area of the body and other physical characteristics. One of the attractive features of Laser Hair Removal is that the area that has been treated is free of new growth until the next growth cycle — which is about 1 month for the face and 2 months for all other body surfaces.

Simple Radiance has two lasers for personalizing hair removal treatment plans. The ‘GentleLase’ is ideal for light colored skin and dark hair. The ‘LightSheer’ Diode Laser is best for darker toned skin. Having a choice of lasers for individual skin tones provides the highest rate of patient satisfaction.

Laser Hair Removal is faster and easier than other methods of hair removal and has become the gold standard by which other methods are measured. Even large areas such as lower legs can be done in about an hour and you can return to your usual schedule immediately.

Enjoy smooth, silky, hair-free skin in such areas as the upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini line, legs, shoulders and back!