Laser Hair Removal FAQ

1) How does laser hair removal work?

One pulse of laser light impacts an area the size of a quarter. The laser energy is transformed into heat that is absorbed by the melanin (dark pigment) resulting in damage to the hair follicle with only short-term redness to the skin.

2) What can I expect after the treatment?

Fine hairs will be eliminated immediately, while course hairs will shed in about 2 weeks. There should be no re-growth until the next growth cycle. The skin in the treated area may become erythematous (slightly reddened) or bumpy and may feel like a mild sunburn for a day or two after which it will return to normal. The exciting feature of laser hair removal is that you are essentially hair free between treatments once the hair has shed.

3) Is it permanent?

Laser Hair Removal, using our two lasers (the GentleLase and the LightSheer Laser) is a safe, and FDA approved method for long-term hair reduction. Multiple treatments are required for all areas.

4) Does it hurt?

Some people say it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Some areas are more sensitive than others, and an individual’s tolerance to discomfort varies. Some patients prefer to apply a topical anesthetic cream one hour prior to the appointment to minimize any discomfort. Our Candela laser has a Dynamic Cooling Device that ejects a cool spray, while our LightSheer and Comet lasers have a cold tip built into the hand piece to minimize discomfort.

5) How often do I have to come in for treatments?

You will need to come in every 4 weeks for facial and neck hair removal and 8 weeks for all other areas.

6) How many treatments will I need?

For most people, about 5 treatments will be needed to obtain 90%-plus of permanent hair reduction. The bikini area will need fewer than 5 treatments for an equivalent result, because of the larger number of hairs in the growth cycle. For greater reduction, more treatments may be needed depending on the age, gender and hormonal variance of an individual.

7) Who does the treatments?

Registered nurses certified in Laser Hair Removal perform the treatments and will tend to your individual needs.

8) Should I wax or pluck before my treatment?

No, you cannot wax, pluck or bleach for 2-3 weeks prior to the treatment. Since the laser is attracted to the melanin in the follicle, the hair needs to be in the follicle at the time of the treatment.

9) Does the hair need to be long?

No, in fact, quite the opposite. The hair must be closely shaved so the laser is better able to impact the hair in the follicle. For legs, underarms, and other non-facial areas, you should shave the area to be treated before you arrive for your appointment. The laser can do a better job in the follicle if there is no hair on the surface. Facial hair will be inspected and shaved by your nurse prior to treatment.

We provide free consultations; the treatment can be done at that time or at a later date. Be sure to let the receptionist know if you would like to do the treatment on the same day as the consultation so that we can schedule the appropriate amount of time.

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