DioLite Laser Treatment FAQ

1) Can you get rid of broken capillaries on the face?

Yes! Quickly and easily and with minimal discomfort. The laser uses a precise hand piece that is able to trace and remove each capillary leaving no trace of the capillary. A one-time 15 to 20 minute session is all that is needed for most people.

2) Does it hurt?

People’s tolerance to discomfort varies, but most people do very well. We use ice that provides topical anesthesia to the skin, so the procedure is usually well tolerated. If requested, a topical anesthetic can be applied about one hour prior to your treatment.

3) What about age spots? (Also called liver spots or sun spots)

The same laser that removes broken capillaries also removes age spots or skin tags by targeting the melanin. The laser removes them easily with no resulting mark on the skin after the scab has fallen off. You will have scabs for about 4-10 days for age spots of the face, and for 1-3 weeks for all other areas. It is important not to use a bleaching cream top folk songs before treatment – the darker the age spot, the more easily the laser will be able to impact them. Very light colored lesions are more difficult to remove completely. We will be able to provide a prescription for a skin-bleaching agent after you are healed to help reduce the lighter colored age spots that may remain.

4) I have Rosacea. Will this work on me?

Many people with Rosacea have the broken capillaries associated with this condition. After we examine you, we will recommend the best treatment for your skin that will either be an individual tracing away of each capillary or the use of a laser scanner that will help to reduce the overall redness of your face as well as erasing the broken capillaries.

5) Will you do this procedure the same day?

We will first do a complimentary consultation. Treatment may be done the same day if you wish. If a large amount of broken capillaries are being done, it is important to abstain from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. ibuprofen), fish oils or Vitamin E (greater than 100 IU per day) for 2

weeks prior to the procedure, and for 3 weeks after as this may interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment. There are no restrictions of medicines for the treatment of age spots or skin tags.

6) What will I look like after treatment?

If capillaries are treated, your skin will be pink for a few hours. If the area under the eyes is treated, then minimal swelling may occur for 1-2 days. Occasionally, some people have mild crusting if the skin next to the broken capillaries is tan. This will clear up in a day or two. We will apply an ointment to your skin after your treatment, and after several hours you may apply makeup.

If we remove age spots, a scab will form over the lasered age spot over the next 12 hours and then it is important to let the scab fall off naturally. This will take about 1 week for the face and 2-3 weeks for all other areas. The new skin top folk songs list underneath needs to be protected from the sun, and you will need to use a 30 SPF sunscreen on the new pink skin! The new skin will re-pigment within a month or two.

If we remove skin tags, it generally takes 2-4 days for the tags to fall off. The new skin underneath also needs to be protected from the sun with a 30 SPF sunscreen.

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