BOTOX and Dysport FAQ

1) Aren’t BOTOX® and Dysport® botulinum toxin?

Yes, but they are administered in safe, miniscule amounts. BOTOX® has been used medically for the past 25 years for treatment of medical conditions that require the relaxation of muscles and it was found to have a secondary effect of erasing wrinkles. BOTOX® and Dysport® are both FDA approved for cosmetic use.

2) How often will you need to have an injection?

Most people will want to repeat the procedure every 3 to 5 months when muscle function returns.

3) Does it hurt?

The administration of BOTOX® or Dysport® is simple, takes only about 10 minutes and is minimally invasive. At Simple Radiance, we use ice before injecting for two reasons:

1. it is an effective topical anesthetic
2. the application of ice minimizes bruising by constricting the capillaries

You will find the injection is associated with little discomfort.

4) Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do before or after the injection?

To minimize the risk of bruising, it is best not to take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils or large doses of Vitamin E (greater than 100 IU/day) for two weeks before the treatment. However, this is a precaution only. Some clients prefer not to stop supplements prior to injections. After your injection, it is best not to lay down on your face for the next four hours. You may resume all other normal activities immediately after your injection.

5) Will my wrinkles go away completely?

The appearance of wrinkles will be significantly lessened within a week. As new skin cells regenerate and old wrinkled cells are sloughed, the wrinkle will eventually disappear as long as the BOTOX® or Dysport® treatment is repeated.

We provide free consultations. We can do the treatment the same day as your consultation. Be sure to specify that you would like a treatment the same day when you schedule your appointment.

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